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The Upside Down Might Take Over Hawkins In Stranger Things Season 4

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Stranger Issues season 4’s Large Unhealthy is right here, and so they’ve introduced that the Upside Down will wage warfare in opposition to Hawkins in a bid to take it over. Ever since Stranger Issues debuted in 2016, one of many present’s central places has remained a thriller to followers and characters alike. Regardless of the pilot episode offering individuals with their first glimpse of the Upside Down, it’s nonetheless unclear three seasons later simply what the Eldritch location is, the way it capabilities, and what’s protecting it from spilling out into the conventional world.

Stranger Issues season 4 is about to vary every little thing, and Hawkins’ takeover by the Upside Down has shifted from potential to inescapable. The Upside Down was seemingly uncovered by Hawkins Lab operatives throughout their season 1 experiments, releasing the Demogorgon and setting Stranger Issues‘ occasions in movement. Nevertheless, the precise nature of the Upside Down is relegated to fan theories and educated guesses, because the present’s characters stay mystified by how the alternate dimension capabilities. The Upside Down is actually a dirty mirror world, that includes nearly the entire places, gadgets, and vegetation present in its real-world equal, however is dwelling to dozens of Demogorgons reasonably than any people.


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In Stranger Issues season 1, the Demogorgon escaped by the Upside Down and it was as much as Eleven to destroy the monster by closing the portal between dimensions. Nevertheless, regardless of this feat nearly killing the younger heroine, it was additionally a brief repair. By Stranger Issues season 2, the break between real-life Hawkins and Upside Down Hawkins was sufficiently big for quite a few Demogorgons to make it by, and the gate that Eleven ultimately closed was far bigger this time round. Stranger Issues season 3 had no time for exploring the Upside Down, because of its many subplots. However, the alternate dimension performs a serious position in Stranger Issues season 4, and its hostile takeover of Hawkins will function the present’s climax.

What Does The Clock In Stranger Issues Season 4 Imply For Hawkins?

Stranger Things Season 4 Clock Breaks

Stranger Issues season 4 is riddled with photographs of the mysterious clock, that is what it means. Exterior of the previous Grandfather clock, the trailer reveals quite a few clocks, signifying that point is working out for town of Hawkins. The clocks may very well be a sign of this, as a voiceover from Stranger Issues’ season 4 villain (performed by Robert Englund and probably referred to as “Vecna”) proclaims that the Upside Down is declaring warfare on Hawkins. The strangest motif comes when Max discovers the grandfather clock embedded within the wall. This may very well be one other indication that Hawkins’ time is brief, and the Upside Down is taking on. One other idea that is been popping up is that Stranger Issues season 4 will embody time journey. It is smart, because the Upside Down is a mysterious place in its personal dimension, and Eleven is proven utilizing her powers (together with her signature shaved head).

Fortuitously, for the characters of Stranger Issues, debating the precise nature of the Upside Down has not been a serious concern since Eleven managed to shut the gate to the dimension again in season 2’s climax. However, the Stranger Issues season 4 trailer admits that the Upside Down is coming for Dustin, Max, Steve, Lucas, and firm. The clock in Season 4 has been noticed prominently all through earlier Stranger Issues season 4 promos and trailers. And, judging by its vine-strewn look, the vintage clearly has one thing to do with the Upside Down. The clock could also be offering a hyperlink between dimensions – and the breakage of its face breaks within the trailers and posters may sign that the wall dividing Hawkins and the Upside Down is about to crumble, with the latter taking on the previous.

Hawkins Is At Warfare With The Upside Down In Stranger Issues Season 4

Stranger Issues season 4 suggests that the Upside Down is not utilizing under-the-surface ways anymore: as an alternative, dialogue makes it clear that the Upside Down and all of its creepy creatures plan on waging an outright warfare. The villain even goes as far as to confess and instantly threaten the deliberate takeover, and extra monsters are circling than ever earlier than. There are flying pterodactyl-esque beings circling the Creel Home, Demagorgons within the Russian jail, and a unusual, blue, tentacle-y Large Unhealthy who has changed the Thoughts Flayer. If the trailer is any indication, Stranger Issues season 4 encompasses a dizzying host of weird, horrible beings, and so they appear to be hell-bent on a singular goal: occupy Hawkins. Whether or not the monsters invade en masse or take a sluggish, sneaky strategy is anybody’s guess. Both means, a Stranger Issues season 4 warfare is inevitable.

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What Else Will Occur In Stranger Issues Season 4?

Stranger Things Season 4 Lucas

Netflix is protecting any data near its chest, per their traditional ways. Nevertheless, loads will be gleaned from the earliest full Stranger Issues season 4 footage. The brand new season picks up instantly the place season 3 left off: Billy is lifeless, the gate is closed, the Byers (and Eleven) have moved, and the Thoughts Flayer is not any extra. Mike and the remaining members of his crew are attending Excessive Faculty, and it appears that Lucas is doing fairly effectively for himself as he excels in sports activities. Eleven and Will, then again, attempt to stick collectively, as they’ve hassle becoming in at their new faculty. Eleven is proven utilizing her powers once more, regardless of shedding them in Stranger Issues season 3, which might give credence to the time journey theories. Hopper can also be not lifeless: reasonably, he is being held captive at a Russian jail that is utilizing a Demagorgan in opposition to human topics. Lastly, the Large Unhealthy regales his plans for Hawkins’ takeover, and the Upside Down will probably be at warfare with the city.

The Upside Down could also be what offers Hopper with a route again to Hawkins that doesn’t take months of journey, as he’s at present exiled in Russia. The alternate dimension is the house of “Vecna” and the supply of Stranger Issues season 4’s new antagonists, with the Thoughts Flayer, the Demogorgon, and season 3’s Spider Monster all discovering their origin within the Upside Down. Stranger Issues season 4 has confirmed an impending takeover, so the small city will probably be consumed by transdimensional warfare someday quickly.

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